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January 23, 2018 ~ Good Night Round Rock Texas!
Pool Cleaning Plans designed for
Round Rock pool owners beginning at $99/month.

Round Rock's Most Detailed Partial Pool Cleaning Service Plan

Now Round Rock swimming pool owners can have healthy and blue pool water all year long by signing up for our Partial Cleaning Plan. On the Partial plan, a local Round Rock pool technician will perform the majority of the cleaning work needed to keep your pool beautiful. Check the list below to see your short list of personal pool duties.

Have a busy schedule? Consider our Full Cleaning Plan.

Service List of Round Rock Partial Pool Cleaning Plan
Begin Weekly Service

This Round Rock Partial Swimming Pool Cleaning Plan works great with any gunite or fiberglass pools and is specifically tailored with Round Rock, TX weather and seasonal conditions in mind.

After starting the Partial Cleaning Plan, you can upgrade to our Full Cleaning Plan at any time.

*Special Note: During October to March we offer Round Rock pool owners twice a month pool cleaning.

Some Info on Round Rock, TX Pools

Inground pools are the most common type of swimming pools we clean and maintain in Round Rock, TX. These pools are so popular for many reasons. Unlike pre-built pools which only have a few options for color and depth, inground pools can be customized in virtually any way you choose. With these versatile swimming pools you can custom choose the design, shape, depth, flooring, siding of your pool.

Other Pool Types in Texas

In our weekly cleaning routes in Round Rock, TX we mostly see gunite pools but we see some fiberglass pools also. As for vinyl pools, unfortunately we do not service them.

Vinyl swimming pools were generally less expensive than gunite pool to design and install. Round Rock homeowners with vinyl pools should be aware of a few issues. The first problem we sometimes see is that because the pool is made of a thin liner it is easy to accidently tear a hole in the vinyl. This is why it is a not a good reason to let your dogs swim, since they might accidently scratch the sides of your pool and tear the vinyl. Another issue to take note of is that vinyl needs to be replaced every 7 to 15 years. When it comes time to sell your property, often if the vinyl is over 4 years old, Round Rock Texas area realtors will suggest to the homeowners that they replace the vinyl so that it is easier to sell the house.